November 13, 2019

Bree Moore Sells Out Sixth Fashion Show

9.79 The Beat | She Represents

July 24, 2019

9.79 The Beat x She Represents consists of interviewing with Jazze of 9.79 and featured in Dallas Weekly.

Curls N' Cocktails

November 17, 2018

Bree Moore Productions Celebrates 5 Years


November 14, 2018

Bree Moore Productions Showcases Fifth Fashion Show

Voyage Dallas

April 25, 2018

Meet Bree Moore of Bree Moore Productions

Dallas Weekly

November 11, 2017

Saturday night, the Bath House Cultural Center at White Rock Lake welcomed fashion enthusiasts for a show of local fashions, styles and designs.


For the fourth time, Dallas artist Bree Moore successfully hosted a non-traditional fashion show in the city. This time it was Bree Moore Presents: The Perspective of Cultural Creatives.

The Source Magazine

March 30, 2017

"The “INERD x Bree Moore…Elevation to Excellence “ Fashion Show’s movement is geared toward motivating an individual to be the change within their community and to push others to strive towards excellence.


This past Saturday, they did just that."

Dallas Weekly

March 29, 2017

"Wade College graduate Bree Moore prides herself on tapping into every dynamic of the fashion industry.Moore, who partners with brand I.N.E.R.D. to create memorable fashion shows, just wrapped a successful show in Philadelphia last weekend."

Dallas Weekly

August 30, 2016

"To add to her credit, Moore’s motivation with Clothing Soles is not to make a financial profit. For years Dallas’ homeless population has intrigued Moore. After the city removed “Tent City” (a very visible community of tents occupied by the homeless) – Moore decided to encourage people to bring clean/slightly worn clothing to the fashion show."

D Magazine

August 26, 2016

"In its third year, Moore’s fashion show, titled “Clothing Soles,” will benefit Dallas’ homeless population, fulfilling a lifelong ambition for the designer. Moore has been searching for a way to involve herself with the city’s homeless population. In its previous two years, the show has benefitted disabled children and Sickle Cell Anemia research."

D Magazine

April 19, 2016

"She’s most proud of her personal project: producing her own fashion shows, “Bree Moore Presents,” that benefit the homeless of Dallas by donating clean and gently used clothing. Her shows also raise money for disabled children. Each year she chooses a different charity to partner with for her shows."

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