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Exclusive Interview with Snapp Sandals founder, Richard George!

I had the honor to interview the founder of Snapp Sandals, Richard George. I am so excited and in awe of these unique pair of sandals. At this moment, the company is still in production. I promise, to give a proper review of the actual sandals when they are available. I know for sure, I am so ready to receive a pair. I can tell Snapp Sandals are going to be a "must have". Make sure to check out the Demo VIDEO. Enjoy, Read on!

What is the story behind Snapp Sandals? What made you come up with this idea?

I had the idea for Snapp Sandals many years ago. It was just an idea that would pop in my mind when I walked through the shoe dept.

I could never understand why the same pair of sandals came in so many colors. What would be so hard to just change the tops? At the time it seemed so simple I don’t know why no one was doing that.

Now that I’m older and have the time to focus on things from my past I decided to pursue my idea and set out to make a sandal that had interchangeable tops

Do you have a business partner? If so, what advice will you give to others with business partners?

My wife is my business partner and best friend. As for advice, that is difficult only because business are very different from each other. All I can tell you is that over the years I’ve owned several business and had partner’s in all of them (some better than others) and the one thing that I found that worked the best is having a partner with different strengths. When you have two people who each can bring something different to the partnership that adds worth, you can now build off of each other’s strengths.

What are the pro and cons of beginning a new brand?

The pro’s… having a vision become a reality, have your brand accepted by your peers, knowing that you have created something new and exciting. Being able to walk into a store and say “that’s my product, I designed that!”.

The con’s… well there are many of those…running into roadblocks you never expected, time delays, added expenses, having to do this over because they don’t come out like you expected, trying to build product awareness in a very competitive market.

How did you guys come with the selective colors, style, etc for the shoe?

What we did was create several different styles with different tops and colors and then reached out to the consumer through different medias and asked them to choose their favorite styles and tops, once we had enough feed back we created what we thought would be a good blend of style and color for the consumer.

Are you thinking of expanding your brand? Perhaps, create accessories or another type of shoe?

Who knows what the future holds and maybe someday we’ll create something new that excites us. At the moment, our focus is on our snapp sandal, we have a long way to go and so many things we can do with styles and tops to keep us very busy for quite a while.

As a fashion designer, what made you decide to create Snapp Sandals? What advice will you give to up and coming designers?

Creating Snapp Sandals was a lifelong dream; I envisioned a sandal that would allow you to change the top rather than having to buy multiple pairs of sandals just because the tops were different.

The advice I would offer anyone wanting to become an entrepreneur is first to have a passion for what you want to do, second to be prepared setbacks, hardships, rejection, knowing who to trust, extra time and money you never expected. You have to believe in yourself and passion in what you are trying to achieve or you might as well not try.

I have owned several businesses and the one thing I found to be a constant is that you’re only as good as the people you surround yourself with.

Where can consumers purchase Snapp Sandals?

At the moment we are in production and will be ready to introduce the sandals in 2015. You will be able to purchase them through our online store We are hoping that once the sandals become available you will be able to purchase them at stores like Macy’s, Dillard’s and Nordstrom’s.

Thank me later. :)

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