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In Remembrance of Zelda Wynn Valdes

Special people in my life gave me roses. I love flowers and I hate to see them die! I decided to save four roses! Yes, I had lifeless roses laying around for months. hahaaha! While browsing Pinterest, I came across an amazing sketch filled with roses. DING! The light bulb came on! I really wish I could give credit to the creator of this brillant idea.

This page of my fashion sketchbook is dedicated to Zelda Wynn Valdes. She was the first black fashion designer and the creator of the playboy bunny outfit! Yes, she was amazing and her creations live on. Her creations gave the lifeless roses meaning to serve my fashion sketchbook! To read more about Zelda, click here

Fashion Sketchbook: Fashionary

Roses: Maurier Turner and Stormi Demerson

Idea: Pinterest

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