A Must Read Interview: Ebony Lewis (@ebonylewisart)

Introducing #EbonyLewisArt to breemoore.com! I am a huge fan of Ebony's. I am honored to say, I have a special piece of artwork created by Ebony. The artwork is in memory of my late cousin, Daysha Johnson, that passed away a year ago in a car accident. The talented Ebony Lewis took out the time to answer a few questions. Please take heed and support this talented, creative and beautiful black QUEEN! She is such an inspiration! ENJOY!

What inspires you? What is your daily inspiration?

I am inspired by many things from color, music, politics, nature but my greatest source would be people. They are a great source of inspiration for me. I think about life and how you never know a person’s story, people have so much depth and I want my work to be able to tap into that. As far as daily inspiration. I think that as an artist I was given a gift and I have a purpose to use that gift. That is what I think about daily for inspiration, knowing that I have a purpose beyond just painting on canvas but a responsibility to make an impact on culture.

When did you decide to pursue art full time?

I made up my mind about 1 year ago, I have a bachelor’s degree in art but really didn’t take it seriously until recently.

What are your favorite paintings and why?

Well if we are talking about my paintings its very competitive but I do have a piece that I will absolutely not sale called “Value”. This painting not only has a strong meaning about materialism but is also my first piece of art chosen for a juried art show in college so it also holds sentimental meaning as well.

Who are your favorite artists?

I have so many favorite artists. In no particular order: Kara Walker, Jean Michelle Basquiat, Fahamu Pecou, Barbra Frey, Justin Bua and Jacob Lawrance.

How long have you been in the creative field?

I have been invested in art for quite some time since I was little I view creativity as a gift not necessarily a field so I feel like I have been in the field all my life. Even if I work a regular 9-5 it always has a way of creeping out.

What advice would you give to a young struggling artist?

My best advice would be to know your why. Meaning know why your painting even if your doing it for fun at least be aware of that. Once things have a reason it helps to build the drive and effort you put into it. I would also say study your craft just like with anything, when establishing an identity you need to know your history.

How do you want to inspire others?

I want to inspire people by helping them adopt an attitude that, the things you may be good at are not just for you but can be used as a tool to impact many. I want my Art to evoke a feeling and from that feeling and self-reflections make it easier to be kind and empathetic towards other people.

What are your goals for your creative work?

I have so many goals but short term I would like to have my work in at least 3 galleries. I also plan on having a solo and group show in the works. Ultimately I want to be known around the world and impact a entire culture.

Do you have any upcoming events?

I actually have two shows coming up one will be on September 5th the Chocolate and Art show tickets are available on eventbrite from 7-2am and I also have a show on September 6th Fashion Forward where I will be painting live starting at 7:30 tickets also on eventbrite. You can visit my website at www.ebonylewisart.com or any social outlet @ebonylewisart.