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Don Colman's Fashion Show

Don Colman... #takeHEED

When I say, "Take Heed", I am on to something and I believe the topic of discussion is HAUTE! I was honored to be selected as a stylist for the Don Colman Fashion Show, that took place on August 9th. A week prior to the event, we had a rehearsal. It was the very first time I've seen Don Colman up close. I was so amazed and atonished on the quality and style of the clothing. I wanted everything! Sandy Colman is very talented and she is now one of my favorite fashion designers in Dallas. I love her work!

The fashion show was amazing. The models were just that, models! The fashionable, chic and unique pieces were displayed beautifully on all the models. They killed it!

Please follow Don Colman on all social media outlets for more information.

Instagram: @doncolman

Twitter: @thedoncolman

Also, follow my fellow fashion extraordinaires, seen in the picture.



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