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Rip Rip: Recreated Denim by Bree Moore!

Denim is classic! In most cases, denim can be shaped to any form of style. For instance, a denim purse, shoes, dress, bra, sock... Catch my drift? I love denim and I love to recreate it. So, at random moments, I'll find myself roaming in a thrift store. In my opinion, the older the denim the better. Yes, in my world it is equivalent to wine. Anywhoo, I have recreated a few pieces. Well, more than a few. I am blessed to say I have found victims to rock my recreated pieces. To my surprise, they love it! Please take heed!

Special thanks to my Joy for rocking the high waist denim skirt, recreated by yours truly. Isn't she lovely!? Go follow my fellow fashionista on instagram, @phoenixjai_ !

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