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Introducing #bmp3 Fashion Show Designers

Yiki Styles: YikStyles Collection is birthed to place all Queens on pedestals for all occasions. The Collection is made up of ready to wear pieces as well as custom apparel.

INERD: As of 2015 I.N.E.R.D is officially a corporation that is ready to thrive while carrying and spreading the essence of which it was created. I.N.E.R.D.- I Never Ever Rely on Dummies/Intelligence Never Ever Really Dies. The brand that promotes intellectual thinking, creativity, individuality, and strength in numbers by bringing people who possess these qualities together. "As one we are energy, together we are force".

Chris Orlá: The Chris Orlá Collection is an upscale unique jewelry brand designed with you in mind. Chris Orlá features Bracelets, Earrings, Necklaces, Bow Ties, and Jackets for men and women of all ages and sizes.

Designs by Ne' Ameriise: Jhane' Covington is a fashion merchandising student & self taught seamstress who owns a small business by the name of "Designs by Ne' Ameriise" selling items such as hand made clutches & customer clothing. Designs by Ne' Ameriise is for anyone who loves unique & one of a kind fashion because when in a world where everyone aspires to be like the next, it is very difficult to find clothing & accessories that others do not posses but brand allows you to do so.

Erika's Creation: Uses her creative side to create many one of a kind pieces. She has also started making clothing about 2 years ago, where she creates to coordinate with her jewelry. She has a passion for being different and making elegant and timeless pieces. She is active in the community, focusing on helping the youth find their purpose. She won Black Girls Rock in her community.

Last Tribe: Last Tribe is a unique lifestyle brand created to promote three key factors of survival: Resiliency, Loyalty, and Power. Resiliency to face lifes obstacles with no fear or hesitation. Loyalty to family and those closest to you. Power to strengthen, to protect, to overcome, and to ultimately take over.

Anthony Creation Label: Anthony Creation Label was founded on the arts, design and cultural ideals of Anthony Cooper. The ACL campaign generates on the culture aspects of fashion, while pushing our limits with unique fabrics and textiles.

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