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Photos: INERD x Bree Moore Fashion Show

I will like to thank everyone that participated in the INERD x Bree Moore Fashion Show. Special thanks to our sponsors LYFT, CPR by Pardetra Braggs, Chocolate Chick Tees (Natasha Hunter), Epps Tax Service, Sincere Morgan...

CHEF Dave!!! thank you for the amazing food!!!

Thank you to INERD for the consistent support and dedication! We are absolutely family now! UPTOP UPTOP!!!

Special thanks to the assistant/model coordinator Jikia Potts for traveling to and from Philly with me for months! Assisting me with all things in life! Thank you for your support! Most of all your dedication!!!!!

Special thank the lead hairstylist Nae Harris for bringing together a beautiful hair and makeup up team for the fashion show. Everyone was passionate and positive! The models were fierce and met all expectations!!! Huge shout out to Jasmine, the lead MUA, I have never met one like you!!! You are highly professional and knowledgeable! Lauren!!! Sherie Marie!!!!!!!! Thank you thank you thank you!!!!!!!

Dallas!!!!!!!!!!! I love my city. Special thanks to Brittany Susie' Smith and Sharon Yik for being a designer in the show. Alexis Ritvalski for flying to Philly to VOLUNTEER!!!!!! Your spirit was needed, friend... Brittany Russelland Evelyn Mills for flying in to sit in the audience!!!! As I am typing this my eyes are filling with tears! I am so honored and blessed to know you! To receive you guys support is everything a creative person like me need! Seriously! Miriam Soto and Lakeisha Conaway for modeling in the show! I hope you all had a great time!!!! I will forever be grateful!

My mom... because of you, I am who I am! Please know this! I am your greatest fan! I love everything about you! Thank you for being my super hero! My true inspiration! Donnetra January I love you! I think you are beyond amazing! Thank you for your support!

The Designers... Jhané Ameriise, Fonk Wear, INERD, Michael Lewis Bow ties, Susie Mania, Yik Styles, Filoosh, Volare, the Cuff Life, and Vaughn Clothing! Thank you all for allowing us to present your brand to Philadelphia.

Models!!!!!!! Without YOU... fashion shows are nothing!!! Know are worth!!! Thank you all for your fierce walks!!!!!

Julia Murphy! Thank you for believing in my art work and collaborating with us!

The Vendors! Thank you for presenting your brand and entertaining our audience.

ThePegasusRoom thank you for hosting us! The venue was super DOPE!

My man!!! Brian Newby! I love you! You are super talented and humble!!!!!! I love your spirit and dance moves!! Thank you for hosting the show!!! Thank you for being you!!!

Brittany Danielle thank you for creating the tshirts!!!! You are super talented!

Philly is my second home! What's good!!!

(click the link to see photos from the event)

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