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Dallas Weekly Feature...

Dallas Weekly Feature

Hello Everyone!

I will like to SHOUT OUT Dallas Weekly! I have yet to formally give thanks for the feature! I will like to give thanks to Dallas Weekly and Ari Talton. I was beyond excited about the opportunity! Honestly, Ari called me and expressed she will like to feature me. I thought it was going to be a small feature inside the magazine. But... To see myself on the cover, was beyond surprising! I was in shock! Most of all, I was thankful. I have something to physically show my family, friends, and son! Ajani will be able to look at this cover for many years. I am proud of that! I am proud (our) hard work is displayed! INERD and I partnered to give back to our communities. We thought it was time to combine our worlds. Yes, we have worked together before but this time was different. I was able to experience the culture of Philadelphia. I was able to converse and work with brilliant minds outside of my comfort zone. I was able to finally experience the East Coast! I am beyond grateful for the experiences God have bestowed on me! I am forever grateful for the people that consistently support the movement.

Again, thank you Dallas Weekly! You guys have opened another door for me! The article was well written. You guys have made a stamp on my legacy, literally. Thank you!

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