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Photographer: (O)mar Ramos

Model: (P)J

MUA: (F)ai

Stylist: (B)ree Moore

The collaboration of a photographer, model, makeup artist and stylist took place on late Friday night. One of many random phone calls PJ and I occasionally have presented another great opportunity. We work well together. So, I was beyond excited to hear about the opportunity she had in store. I've heard of Omar. Due to my busy schedule, time did not agree with our desire to meet one another. Finally, I get to meet Omar! I was excited. Fai... The infamous Fai! The makeup artist that take full advantage of every opportunity placed in front of her. The super talented, outspoken, and funny MUA that have the entire room in laughter and in awe! We are either smiling because of her ability to execute every "idea" with the use of a makeup brush or something she have said. I've always look forward to working with Fai and PJ!

Welp... The results are in... And... We ARE the winning team...

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