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Cinco De Mayo (Texas Style) x Buzz Brews Deep Ellum

How to make a Tshirt dress? Just put on an oversized Tshirt. (Lol) 

Entire outfit cost me:$40...

Cowboy BOOTS are not from Texas. I picked them up in Philly at a THRIFT STORE! Shout out to Philly! 10 bucks... (It was meant to be) 

Oversized Denim Jacket: Urban Outfitters... Originally $100, but... I only paid 30 bucks. Yes... I moon walked out the store! I got MIKE JACK in my DNA! 

Tshirt... LOL! Funny story... It once belonged to my mom's ex boyfriend! Found it in her room. Washed it... Dried it... Put it on... Now I'm sitting in Buzz Brews chopping down pancakes and veggie sausages with my legs crossed. Ain't NUN! 

Cowboys Nation Stand UP! 

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