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The Platfxrm Interview | Quoted

The Platfxrm

Have you ever been quoted? 

Special thanks to "The Platfxrm" for taking out the time to get to know me on another level. I love quotes! I read a quote on a consistent basis to pull inspiration from. 

A platform for US! #FUBU... For Us By Us... We seek validation from those that consistently disrespect and ridicule but yet adapt to our culture to gain profit or attention. We need to honor ourselves! Give ourselves trophies, awards and recognition. 

Personally, I appreciate platforms that celebrate and recognize US! ...not the Beyonce's, Lebron's or even the Amber's... US... The people that are making a change, locally and quietly in our communities. Those that don't get the recognition needed to motivate and uplift a consistent change! People like me need organizations like "The Platfxrm". 

Am I "preaching"?! Nah... Are you READING?! 

The complete interview is coming soon! I need you to get the message! 

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