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"...representation matters" | Nola Haynes

Happy Tuesday!

As promised, here I am writing a BLOG POST. But... Please take heed. I will love for you to really take out the time to read this post. It is highly important. As you all know, I love to inspire and motivate my people to reach their full potential. So... I will love for you all to meet, Nola Haynes.

Introduce yourself... Who are you? Describe yourself, briefly.

My name is Nola Haynes, very proud New Orleans native. I don't have any ink on my body, so I carry the name of the city with me.

I'm the executive producer and host of NHTV, Nola Haynes' The Veil, a project that happened because I was out of work. With two degrees, one from UCLA & the other from Harvard, I was feeling myself a little bit, until reality kicked in. So during that time, I shared my idea for a travel, talk show with some friends from my acting days and my idea became real. I'm living in LA again so we produced the LA pilot episode with no money - everyone volunteered. We just released our 2nd episode, The Oakland episode and our small production team could not be happier. Mostly because my director, Bill Gray (DGA) is from Oakland.

Why is "The Veil" different from other YouTube Channels?

NHTV is a different kind of talk show for several reasons. We like talking to unsung entrepreneurs & innovators in their environments. We travel to cities to really get a glimpse into our guests lives. If it's rock climbing or watching a film about Fela Kuti in an arts warehouse or attending a community event with TI on the panel, we'll do it. I love showing multiple sides of a person and a city. I think it enriches the viewing experience.

Why is there a NEED for a YouTube Channel like "The Veil"?

There's a need for my YouTube channel, because representation is important. Yes, I am a creative, entrepreneur, but I am also a woman of color. Bringing narratives of people that are impacting their communities and professional environments is a perspective we don't always get to see. Plus, we have fun and it's captured on film.

Who are you targeting? What is your target market and why?

Our target audience is broad. If you're reading through Blavity, Hey Fran Hey , waiting for the alert that Bey dropped the twins or on your way to Nas & Lauryn Hill's upcoming concert then NHTV is you. This is my audience, simply because it's who I am. Billionaire , Warren Buffett says to invest in what you like. So, I'm investing in my culture because it's what I like.

Are you seeking to motivate your audience? After watching an episode of "The Veil", what do you want your audience to walk away with?

I hope we motivate people after watching an episode of NHTV. Ultimately, I hope people get the idea to try something new and to keep going no matter what. The people I talk to are not on the cover of Forbes, but if they want to be, they will be. Like I said earlier, representation matters and seeing folks of color doing amazing things is powerful. NHTV is a talk show, which isn't an original idea, but traveling to meet amazing, unsung entrepreneurs & innovators does put a unique twist on it. From what I understand, thats what my viewers love about NHTV. It's a big world out there and we want to show it to you in a 13 minute episode of NHTV.

My Closing Remarks:

Please go subscribe to Nola Haynes "The Veil" Youtube channel. I've watched all of the episodes and was so inspired to continue to fulfill my dreams! Simply click on the image below to subscribe and watch episodes!

The Oakland Part 1 episode is my favorite, please watch, click here:

Nola interviews IT woman of tech-entrreneurship, Danielle Leslie. Danielle states, "I love social media, people are saying it is cutting down on our ability to connect to individuals. I think it is the opposite. It enables me to connect to the community that looks like me." Danielle also speaks about the influence the African American community have on social media, tech and hair industries. Again, I was truly inspired by the interview and I high recommend it.

Go subscribe to NOLA Haynes' The Veil Youtube Channel!

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