Growth | Recipe Oakcliff

Recipe Oakcliff I am in love with Recipe Oakcliff. It is the home of my favorite smoothie, the PB&J, which consists of almond butter, blueberries, and apple juice. It is a must to visit Recipe Oakcliff to catch the good vibes and food when I'm in the area. More about Recipe Recipe is a fresh-food concept for the food desert neighborhood of 75216. I say food desert because of the lack of organic food options in this community. The cozy 1,000 square-foot space houses a juice bar, market, and shared commercial kitchen space. Recipe features a daily menu of fresh, to-go deli style items, and produce in addition to fresh juice, tea, and coffee. My last visit, I spent an entire hour tasting the fresh watermelon juice, strawberry sorbet and taco salad. Please keep in mind, all foods are plant based! No GMO... No artificial flavors... In the midst of satisfying my tastebuds, Teetah Crear, owner and founder of the juice bar and market, approached me about the growing pods stationed on the counter. "Have you ever grown your own vegetables?" Wide eyed and still enjoying the last bit of strawberry sorbet, I answered, "No". She proceeds to tell me more about the pods on the counter. I was informed they were peppers and before I know it, she handed me one. "Yeah, just buy some potting soil and water it", she states while nodding her head with a huge smile on her face. As I walked out the store with a piece of gold, I too smiled... Teetah gave me more than a plant! She gave me knowledge and the motivation to grow my own food! This blog is about GROWTH and EXPANDING our minds. We have the ability to learn new things! Growing in every aspect of life is so important! Next time you're in Oakcliff, please visit Recipe Oakcliff! Visit the website for more information: