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"save money... still look like a million bucks"

Happy Tuesday!

(READ UP)!!!

I will like to introduce, Tyra George, the founder and owner of "EyeIVStyle". Tyra George is also part of the blogging team of Our goal is to display and bring awareness to the influence black women have in the fashion industry. Please read the following thoroughly, and go follow Tyra on all your social media accounts. (Click on the image below to visit her website.)

My love for thrifting started in 2012. I was broke and needed clothes for job interviews. I walked into a Goodwill and my life changed instantly. I fell in love with finding unique pieces for affordable prices. My love for thrifting turned into my love for personal styling and coordinating fashion shows.I now have my own clothing store called EyeIVStyle. I resale vintage clothing and create fashionable looks for frugal fashionistas.

I've now perfected my art of shopping. I only shop at thrift stores, consignment stores, garage sales, or on the clearance side of any department store.I have a love for clothes and creating one of a kind looks so I had to figure out a way to continue to be fashionable without breaking the bank.The mission behind EyeIVStyle is to rebuild confidence through clothing. Every woman wants to feel and look her best for any and every occasion.

I now offer a variety of services:

* Closet Revamps

* In House Pop Up Shops (I bring the store to you)

* Personal Styling/Shopping

* EyeIVStyle Model Boot Camp

* Styling for photo shoots

* EyeIVStyle Online Clothing Store

And so much more!!

For me clothes, shoes, and accessories are what paint is to an artist. My body is the canvas and styling is an art. I enjoy seeing how happy my clients are when they see how they can save so much money and still look like a million bucks.Thrifting is a skill and you must have an EyeIVStyle to find those dope pieces in that pile of clothes. Here are a few clients that I've style or they have purchased pieces from me. I must say they loved the results.

I love seeing my clients happy and confident! If you haven't noticed by now EyeIVStyle is a lover of everything vintage! If you love vintage clothing then EyeIVStyle is perfect for you!

I'm now working on making EyeIVStyle my full time career so the work never stops.

You can follow me on Instagram: @eyeivstyle

Facebook: Tyra George and EyeIVStyle


When you have a dream don't let anyone or anything come in between that. Struggles come but they don't last always. Stay focused, help others and the Universe will repay you.

What can I say! I have an EyeIVStyle!

When you look good, you feel GREAT!!

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