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the importance of hiring a stylist...

Happy Tuesday!

Please know I am a stylist, and I am sensitive about my *ish!

The words you all are about the read are from my thought process. I am a huge fan of social media. So, I'll find myself going through photos of others. I have noticed that many photographers and models do not hire stylists! I am here to tell you why you should a hire stylist. Keep reading...

Advice of the week: Hire a stylist! There is no short cuts or ways around it! Please do not attempt to cheat your project! Your vision deserves to be executed precisely. You obtained the idea from the universe for a reason! Do not cheat yourself!

Why are stylists so important? Stylists are visionaries, they see things you do not see! The ability to coordinate multiple patterns and colors into a concept is not easy! Well, it only comes easy to those that thrives off fashion and passion! Those that study not only fashion but fabrics, colors, and logistics of the fashion industry. It's levels to this!

The benefits of hiring a stylists:

-You have someone to help with the creativity of the project.

-The knowledge and skills they bring to the table.

-The ability to know what fits specific models.

-The connections they have (relationships with designers, models, boutiques, etc...)

-Their ability to know what is a FAD or TREND.

-Their ability to CREATE a new trend.

-Another person to promote the project.

-Experienced mind and "hands on deck" the day of the project.

Please know, I completely understand at times the BUDGET does not agree with hiring a stylist. but... You all should know, there are alot of stylists out there that simply just want the opportunity. Learn how to negotiate and communicate to include the key aspects of your project. Again, do not cheat yourself! If you are in need of a stylist, reach out. Oh... And, another thing... Please do your research! Make sure the stylist you decide to work with is legit. Be smart... Take your time... Communicate... Use the power of discernment....

Before, you go looking, ask ME! :)

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