BMP..."Perspective of Cultural Creatives" Fashion Show


I have decided to expose my intentions. There will be "Bree Moore Presents... Fashion Show" in Dallas this year. I wasn't for sure because Philly was such a great experience. I felt as if it was enough. But nah... This is bigger than me. It always has been and always will be.

"Do it For the Culture"

I am most excited about the venue. It's pretty dope. The Bath House Cultural Center sits on White Rock Lake with an impeccable view of downtown Dallas. The view is beyond amazing at night. The building is a historical marker in Dallas. SUPER vintage... The building provided lockers, changing rooms, rentable swim suits and concessions for the thousands of people that drove from all over North Texas to swim in the lake. The name of the building says it all! I am truly inspired by the popular saying, "Do It FOR the CULTURE". As I mentioned, it's a dope spot to explore and experience.

The Perspective of Cultural Creatives

Every year, our purpose is to coordinate fashion shows to benefit an organization, charity or community in need. This year, in Dallas, we want to solely expose the minds of creatives by coordinating a fashion show to display their talents. Cultural Creatives are people that are in tuned with themselves, define their own success, loves to travel to experience different cultures, and highly depend on their ability to create. Cultural Creatives are revolutionary! To learn more about cultural creatives, please click here:

Dallas is filled with Cultural Creatives!

Do you fall in line as a Cultural Creative? If so, please reach out and be involved in this year's fashion show. Registration will open next Tuesday! Come back here,, to register to participate as a volunteer, vendor, designer, hairstylist, makeup artist, or model. We are looking forward to work with Dallas's Cultural Creatives!