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Purple Skies | Take A Listen....

Hello Everyone!

I am back! Last Tuesday, July 4th, is a "holiday" for most. So, I decided to hold off on blogging. I hope all is well! I hope everyone had enough BBQ to last for life! Are y'all tired of BBQ?! Omgosh... Everyone share the same plate on social media. Back on topic... We are not here for that. I will like for you guys to take a listen to a JAM birthed in Dallas, Texas.

Please know it is highly important to support local artists. I hate to hear people say, they had to leave Dallas to receive recognition. Support while they are here! If you are an artist, please continue to share your ART with the world! Do not stop because you do not receive the amount of "LIKES" or "SHARES" you want. Stay consistent and stay positive! Your time is coming.

I will like to introduce the "JAM of the Week". Please leave a comment below! Only positivity, please! Fun Fact: I created the artwork for this single. Shout OUT to CJ Watson for giving me the opportunity to explore my creativity. Click on the Youtube Video below to listen:

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