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Slay Magazine | SLAY-Day

Happy Slay-Day! I had the honor of interviewing, SLAY MAGAZINE's Chief Executive Officer, LaTarsha Towers. (I will like to brag a lil' bit...) I have also had the pleasure to be featured on Slay Magazine's Instagram profile, which entertains over 25,000 followers! It is my pleasure to introduce, Slay Magazine!

Why did you guys decide to use the term "SLAY"?

We decided to use the term “SLAY” because it has so many meanings and it is versatile in its meaning. The dictionary poses the word “SLAY” as negative in the sense that it means to kill. The industry takes the word and makes it positive; however, it is used more for fashion. We wanted to take the word that has versatility in its meaning and make it positive for LIFE! People not only SLAY clothes or makeup; people SLAY their life by achieving their goals, raising their kids, watching their kids achieve their goals, and so much more.

Please define "SLAY" for those that is not aware of the term.

“SLAY” for Slay Magazine basically means to live life positively and to achieve your goals. This means that you are not in competition with anyone other than yourself, you are focused on being better than you were the day before or even a week before, you have tunnel vision when it comes to making your dreams a reality, and most importantly you do not spread anything other than POSITIVE VIBES!

"Words without actions are useless"... I've noticed one of the goals of Slay Magazine is to remain consistent and relevant. Why is it important to stay consistent as a media outlet?

It is important to stay consistent as a media outlet because today’s society is extremely focused on the media. The moment something is released by the media it is seen and/or shared by thousands of people in less than 2 seconds. The fact that society is so focused on the media yet the media spreads so much negativity is also why it is so important for Slay Magazine to spread “positive vibes only”. We want to be the media outlet that is the “breath of fresh air” in the sense that if someone is having a hard day they can rely on Slay Magazine to post something that can provide encouragement of some sort. We were not created to be like other media outlets in the sense of spotlighting on someone else’s bad luck or negativity. We are creating our own lanes and SLAYing our way!

What are the goals for SLAY Magazine?

Slay Magazine’s primary goal is to position ourselves and our brand to be of service to others. We love getting out in the community to feed the homeless, attend events where they help others less fortunate, and so much more. This is the reason that we host our annual events either on or the weekend of Veteran’s Day. We also want to be of service to business owners. We ensured that our advertising rates were cost efficient for both small business owners and large corporations. We understand that small business owners need advertising that won’t “break the bank” but will reach millions which is everything that we can offer.

How can people obtain a feature in SLAY Magazine?

To be featured in Slay Magazine all starts with an email. They can email us at Once we receive the inquiry email, a member of our staff will email the feature guidelines dependent upon the type of feature they are requesting; however, we have a weekly feature segment for both models and custom designers/artists. Custom designers/artists are anyone that uses their creative skills to make something or someone SLAYTASTIC! Whether you are a fashion designer/stylist, custom automotive body designs, home interior designs, etc., we want to feature and show creative designs. The information for models and custom designers/artists is on our social media outlets and our website; however, they can also email us. I definitely have to clarify that a submission does not equal a guarantee. We also receive tons of inquiries on a daily basis so it definitely may not be an instant feature if selected.

Please tell me what you want people to know about SLAY Magazine.

I want people to know that Slay Magazine is here to SLAY! Seriously, I want people to know that Slay Magazine is designed to provide a platform to help everyone so please email us with your testimonies, take advantage of our offers, share your feedback on our media outlets, email us your events or press releases, and KNOW that we are always here to serve as media for events that are for a cause so contact us! Also, know that Slay Magazine will be a household name so be sure to join our SLAYment! Slay Magazine is more than just a magazine; we are a LIFESTYLE!

How can people follow/keep up/contact SLAY Magazine?

People can contact Slay Magazine by:

  1. visiting our website at and submitting an inquiry via our Contact page,

  2. if they want to join our team, there’s an email address on the Contact page of our website,

  3. they can email us at,

  4. they can call us at 903-883-SLAY,

  5. they can invite us to their event by sending a Google invite to be added to our calendar using the email, or

  6. they can visit all of our media outlets (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Tumblr, YouTube, Google+, Eventbrite, etc.) @theslaymagazine.

Thank you LaTarsha and SLAY Magazine for taking out the time to answer a few questions. If you are reading this, please go follow SLAY Magazine on all their social media accounts. Please save the date, November 10th, for SLAY Magazine's Fashion Show! You do not want to miss out on their event!

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