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Angela Webb Photography

Angela Webb's Photography, based in Dallas, specializes in portraits, headshots, and commercial work for upcoming talent, models, and small businesses. 

Photographer: Angela Webb

Hairstylist: Nae Harris 

MUA: Gabbie Harris

Stylist: Bree Moore

Model(s): Victoria, Alyssa, LaKeisha 

Designers: Last Tribe, Anthony Creation Label and Stroke of Genius 

My goal as the creative director of this photoshoot was to create a feminine look with menswear. Accessories and a creative mind can turn your boyfriend's favorite shirt to the flyest t-shirt dress. Or better yet, the dopest pencil skirt. 

The T-Shirt Pencil Skirt Recipe: 

Caution: Be prepared to squeeze your soul into a t-shirt...

Grabbed a TSHIRT (oversize, large, used, gently worn) 

Put on the t-shirt 

Gently pull your arms through the collar of the shirt (please insert ONE arm at a time)

Pull down the t-shirt over your upper body

For an "high waist" pencil skirt (STOP at the mid point of your waist) 

I would say "EASY Breezy" but lets be honest... It is not easy squeezing your whole life into a bite size hole. (hahahahaha) BUT..! The final look is everything and cost efficient. 

Again, shout out to the squad that made the photoshoot happen! 

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