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Jam of the Week

"...bad times, you gotta stay committed..."

- Starr K

¡Listen UP! 

I usually post new fresh blogs on Tuesdays! I apologize... Tuesday, was hella busy for me. 

While... running around and completing my daily goals. I was tagged in Starr K's Facebook post! Ding! New MUSIC! If you know me, you know I love music! I've expressed my thoughts on our Dallas Stars', please read the last "Jam of the Week" blog post. 

Start K is fresh... Pleasant Grove native... One of the valued players of Black Mrkt movement. (Check them OUT) I was honored to watch this man perform live with a (BAND) at the Black Mrkt's Summer Jam on July 1st! As I mentioned... FRESH! 

Take a listen... If you are in Dallas... or need to rack up some flyer miles, make sure you're present at the next Black Mrkt's Summer Jam! ...or whatever they host! You do not want to miss out! I know you guys hear that a lot. (YOU DO NOT WANT TO MISS OUT) Please believe, when I say it, it's legit! I'm too playa to lead you guys on! Haha! 


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