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Getting To Know: Islee Jo

Happy Tuesday! 

Shout OUT to my girl, Islee Jo! If you reside in Dallas or a huge fan of YOUTUBE, you know this woman. Islee is the owner and fashion show coordinator of REVAMP The Runway. Although, she has announced the closure of the infamous fashion show, REVAMP The Runway. I will like to thank Islee for taking out the time to not only give back to the city of Dallas, but creating opportunities for creatives. You are appreciated and may your light continue to shine. No matter where you go, I will follow! You have a fan/friend in me... *in my Toy Story's voice*

Islee is now broadcasting her talents via YouTube! It is time to (READ UP), scroll down to learn more about her YOUTUBE channel! Please click on the link and SUBSCRIBE! I promise, you will not regret it.  

What is your purpose? Why are you vlogging?

My purpose in life is to give others the permission to live and when I see some of my favorite YouTubers like, Ciara Doherty, Kandee Johnson, or Meami, just doing their thing it really gives me the inspiration to be myself and share myself to the world, which in turn I give someone else the permission to do them and what better way then through video? 

Why YOUTUBE? Why do you like YouTube?

I've noticed people use other options besides YouTube to get their message out to the world. I like YouTube because I am very expressive as an individual and with video you can easily bring that to life plus you can edit! YouTube is one if not the biggest platforms for video not to mention it's super easy. Though there is a pool of other people that my viewers can watch other than me, because people can relate to just about anyone they connect to and through vlogging others can see me, Islee, and connect! 

What topics are you going to cover?

Right now I’m focused on what I am really good at and what I like. So, I enjoy telling others how to live (lol) so I give life hacks and advice. then there's fashion with styling tips and brand dropping. Plus beauty hacks with occasional get ready with me or what's in my bag videos, you know, the more trendier vlogs. :) I would love to expand and get more into interviews and styling others in the entertainment industry. 

Now, that you're not producing fashion shows. Are you going to introduce your audience to brands? 

Yes! I enjoy cosigning so to speak, brands and labels that I really like and see the potential in. I love working with local designers and entrepreneurs to put Dallas on the map so I'm hoping to be able to release videos with collaborations like these to put people on to what we do out here. 

Will we see more of your daughter?

I think people watch my channel for her! My baby Rai loves the camera and you defiantly will! Working with her is a great bonding experience for us! 

What is your end/ultimate goals for your YouTube Channel?

My channel allows me the freedom to evolve so I know one of my goals is to be myself and share whatever that is through vlogging to ultimately help someone else. I love music and hiphop so being able to collab in the music industry would be dope plus working with exclusive brands and stores is defiantly on my list! 

What makes your YouTube Channel (STANDS OUT)?

This is not a tricky question but it's one that I can't answer directly. I think that everyone and anyone stands out if they are truly their authentic selfs even if they are still discovering who that is exactly. When we are us unapologetically we stand out and it speaks to someone. This is just my voice and I think me staying true to me and my voice makes me stand out. 


Check out Islee Jo's YOUTUBE Channel Here

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