The Bible: The Complete Word of God

Happy Tuesday! 

(The next time I have FREE tickets to a play and I announce it on all my social media accounts, take advantage!) 

On August 2nd, I had the pleasure to be in the audience of the play, "The Bible: The Complete Word of God" at Amphibian Stage Productions in Fort Worth. 

Due to the fact, the great state of Texas is prominent in the "The Bible Belt". You guys have been warned... Before, you embrace the humor in this play, please open and free your mind. It's not offensive or overwhelmingly disrespectful to the BIBLE. In my opinion, if you're very sensitive about Noah's Ark and The Last Supper, you may want to prepare yourself. Remember, God laughs too. Well... I'll like to think so. 

It's a must see! As a costume designer, I've never witness an interactive play. (SPOILER ALERT) At one point, the audience is asked to participate in the story of Noah's Ark. I thought to myself, "wow, this is cool, but please DO NOT CHOOSE ME". Oddly, I still had to participate but I won't give too much, though! Just know, we took it all the way back to preschool. Haha! 

I have been involved with about 5 plays, I believe. So I know the hard work and dedication needed to successfully execute the writer and director's vision. The entire time I watched this specific play, I was amazed and instantly grew respect and admiration for the work, time, and skills it took to get the job done. The actors have to not only learn lines but songs and dances! Oh! Let's not forget about the millions of props used throughout the entire play. All of you at ASP, you all did that... 

*standing ovation*

I highly recommend going to see, "The Bible: The Complete Word of God" at Amphibian Stage Productions! 

It's funny, entertaining and... you learn a few more key facts about the Bible! 

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