Hurricane Harvey

August 29, 2017

A host of us in the fashion industry are partnering to create sack lunches for surviving victims that are being HOUSED in the IRVING AND DALLAS convention center! If you're not in Dallas, please EMAIL ( ) to find out how you can HELP! If you're in Dallas... the deadline is August 31st... we are meeting up that day to make the sack lunches and prepare supplies!!! EMAIL if you will like to help out in any way!!! 


Sack Lunches will not included opened or prepared foods. List of acceptable food donations are mentioned below: 


Cheese or peanut butter crackers
Beef jerky
Fruit cups
Granola bars
Power bars
Cereal bars
Single serving Chef-Boy-R-Dee items
Single serving soups (with pull tab openings)
Ramen noodles
Tomato juice
Packaged nuts
Trail mix
Fruit snacks
Dried fruits
Peanut butter
Any kind of pasta
Spaghetti sauce
Canned vegetables and fruit (with pull top openings)
Macaroni and cheese
Individually packaged chips/pretzels/Goldfish
Boxed drinks and juices
Vienna sausages (with pull top lids)
Pop tarts
Individual packets of oatmeal
Plastic spoons
Gallon-size ziplock bags
Canned Tuna
Bags of rice or beans 




#hurricaneharvey #Houston #Texas #TexansSupportingTexans  


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