Designer Spotlight: RKJ

This is where simplicity meets contemporary; after all, "Simplicity is always in good taste."

RKJ is a designer brand that consists of high quality apparel. From t-shirts and hoodies to a collection of designs made with unique style, RKJ touches different crowds. There's comfortable men's wear, women's wear and unisex clothing. A clothing line that allows consumers to feel comfortable in eminent apparel. Also features trend setting fabrics and tapered cuts that are fashionable for men, but easily encapsulate the aesthetics of a woman's figure. This is where simplicity meets contemporary; after all, "Simplicity is always in good taste." 

Ronald K. Jones, designer and owner, grew up as an only child with a vivid imagination and plenty of alone time. As a child, he was able to utilize his imagination and creativity, peacefully, to discover his love for anime and cartoons. RKJ was truly inspired by the cultural values and clothing displayed in anime and cartoons. 

Designs: Ronald Keith Jones

Models: Sonia Quezada, Madison Ward, Jasmine Williams, Jude Russell and Brianna Lopez. 

Casting: Jay Ruth

Makeup: Claudia A Collazo and Dana Davidovsky

Photography: Omar Ramos Assisted by: Clint James

Videography: Jordan M. Hicks

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