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The Closet Sale

Happy Tuesday! It's "Read Up" Tuesday on!


The Closet Sale is definitely a HIT! We have been fortunate enough to host a Closet Sale every month since June! People love the mimosas, good vibes, AWESOME DEALS and punch cards.

*Punch Cards: For each Closet Sale you attend, you will receive a PUNCH...A week before the fashion show (November 11th) we will announce the prizes per punch... So... Even if you're ONLY able to attend (ONE) CLOSET SALE... You will receive something... ***Punch Cards will be issued at each Closet Sale...

What is "The Closet Sale"? Why do you need to be involved?

"The Closet Sale" is just that, A SALE! Local designers and boutiques unite to create an inexpensive shopping experience. Majority of the items are priced between $5-15! Awesome deal... The amazing benefit of shopping with local designers and boutiques is the uniqueness of the product. You will not find these items in major department stores. So... You need to be involved as a vendor or (shopper) for the following reasons:

*Free Mimosas

*Great Food (Buzz Brews is lit in all aspects)

*Great opportunity to NETWORK

*Purchase unique and "one of a kind" products

*Support local artists, designers and creatives

*Good vibes...

Dates you need to mark on your CALENDAR (NOW)!

October 15th

November 19th

December 17th

If you will like to participate as a vendor, please email: