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Yik Styles Fashion Show

Running the city and she's not even from HERE!

Good Vibes... Per Usual...

Happy Tuesday!

I want to give a huge shout out to Sharon Yik, designer and owner of YikStyles. If you are in Dallas, Houston or Philly you are aware of her brand! She is one of the hardest working people I know. Her success is well deserved.

On October 5th, she presented a new collection in one of the dopest venues I have ever visited in my city (Dallas). It was super dope and unique! The chosen venue was Texas Classic Cars. I loved the warehouse feel but the display of cars, set the entire fashion show off. I was highly impressed!

I believe it's time for everyone that is NOT paying attention to tune in! YikStyles Collection was the combination of street and evening wear, of course, she put her spin on the "norm". What is normal anyway? A satin piece paired with a leather fringe choker will not be found in department stores. This is the real fashion. The type of fashion I enjoy. I always get so excited to explore Sharon's creativity.

Do not miss out on another YikStyle's Fashion Show! So trill... So real... Good vibes... Amazing garments... This is a rare FIND...

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