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Jam of the Week


It's about that time. Honestly, it's long overdue... I have known about this "JAM of THE WEEK" for over a month. My apologies... I am only apologizing because once you all listen to this guy's music, you will feel like you have been missing out. First, I will like to say...



BIG GUY go so hard... I knew the moment my ears were blessed to hear, "LUV vs Lust" for the very first time. I was like, "yooooooooooooooo, who is dude?!!!!" Mind you, "LUV vs Lust" dropped in 2015. I did not get my hands on it until 2017. Crazy, huh? Do you guys know what that means? It means... this dude's music is classic and timeless. I am not going to go into details. JUST GO LISTEN!!!

Please take out the time to listen to one of my favorite rappers. Yeah, I said it... I really love his music. As of now, Big Guy just dropped his second album, "Heir to the Throne". Ahhhhhhhhhh man... He took out the time to really show appreciation to his fans. Fans were blessed with a box of goodies which consisted of a t-shirt, shot glass, wristband, the "Heir to the Throne" album, the "LUV vs Lust" album, and stickers. DOPE AF!!!!!

Make sure to go follow him on Instagram: @nytelyfe1986

Click BELOW to listen to the ALBUM:

ENJOY! Thank me later...

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