Black Business

Dear Entrepreneurs!

Wait... Let me be more specific...

Dear BLACK Entrepreneurs!

Lets talk about "the birds and the bees" of building and maintaining a BLACK business! Now... I know I am going to have a few folks to say, "why everything have to be about race, business is business?!" Lil baby, I am here to tell you, this blog post is NOT FOR YOU! Let's start being honest with ourselves here. BLACK business, White business aint the same, cuh! White FOLK, BLACK Folk, aint the same folk!

I don't know what is talked about at the dinner tables in white households, so I can not speak on that. I know, the dinner tables I embraced as a kid was not entertained with "business" talk. I had no idea how to start a business. Oddly, my business became a business shortly after I realize ISSA business!!! I was making money transactions without the knowledge of budgeting, creating invoices, etc... ISSA MESS!

I've learned by experience. Obtaining knowledge DAY by DAY... Late nights... Early mornings... Most importantly, I decided to start paying more attention to my corporate America job. I had access to the handbook, corporate emails, important documents and inventory. It was time for me to start paying attention to the operation of the business. So... I did just that. Please remember... If you can go hard for your "9 to 5", you can do the same for your "dreams".

Below are the top key elements of maintaining and building a black business. I asked the good people that sits at the table of, "Facebook friends". I asked, "What is the advice you want to give to black entrepreneurs?"

ok... every one have a seat... bow your heads... *inserts prayer*

Lets EAT.

1) Learn how to separate business from personal...

2) Be professional

3) After you start your business, stay aware and active within your industry.

4) Never stop learning

5) Support other black businesses

6) Be HONEST with yourself and your customer

7) BUILD a website

8) Social Media presence is a MUST (no PRIVATE ACCOUNTS)

9) Do not insult or write a review about your client/customer

10) Learn how to take a "L"

11) Always be willing and ready to adapt to change

12) Communicate!!!

13) Organization is the KEY!

14) Invest in your brand

15) Ask Questions