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Northside Elementary Fashion Show

Happy Tuesday!

I will like to share a video of the "Northside Elementary Freestyle Fashion Show". Last year, I had the opportunity to work closely with 3rd and 4th graders at Northside Elementary in Desoto, Texas. Honestly, it was the most awesome and humbling opportunity I have experienced in my lifetime. I seen a different world in their eyes. I seen hope... I seen LIFE... I seen color... I seen excitement... I seen innocence... I seen ME... I learned how to deal with different spirits and energies at once! I learned how powerful I am! I leaned how important it is to TEACH our kids about whats to come. I hope they learned from me. I hope they all know, they are now wrapped in my legacy and heart for eternity. My goal is to return to proceed with a better program! I have a vision for those girls. I hope I am granted permission to teach my passion. I pray I continue to be their role model.

The theme of the fashion show was Christmas, because the fashion show took place right before the "Christmas break". The students put their spin on Santa Hats by adding rhinestones, glitter, and feathers. Special thanks to Mackenzie and Kristianna for participating in the fashion show. The girls love you both!

With that being said... Introducing the Northside Elementary Freestyle Fashion Show...

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