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Should had gone VIRAL in 2017...

It's 2018 but... 2017 was an amazing year for Bree Moore Productions. From producing a fashion show in Philadelphia (shout out to INERD) to hosting a fashion show in my hometown, Dallas. I will forever love my city. I was ready for more. I was ready to expand. I am so happy with my decision. It was not easy but it was worth. Would I do it, again? Of course! I learned a lot of valuable lessons in Philly. With that being said...

I will like to thank everyone that supported Bree Moore Productions in 2017. Below are some very creative and creditable sources that took out the time to write about “BMP”.

Please check them out and most of all, KEEP up with the writers! They are all DOPE AF!



Two gemini's with like minds merging together to provide what is honest and true in a world that is fake AF. Samantha and Klashae’ provide women and men the outlet to be themselves and empower others as they confidently, hilariously, and unapologetically discuss life. You can listen in on SoundCloud, GooglePlay and follow them on IG, FB,Twitter and

Duolystic Blog about BMP


Kristianna Davied:

Kristianna Davied is a journalism major at UTA. This girl is beyond amazing. She is also a photographer, model, makeup artist, copy editor, writer, brand ambassador, blogger, and graphic designer!! She does all this while maintaining good grades!

Kristianna’s Blog about BMP


The Girlfriend Xperience:

Black women supporting and celebrating BLACK women! The Girlfriend Xperience gives the black woman the stage to SHINE and bask in her success!

The Girlfriend Xperience’s Blog about BMP

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