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United We Stand, Wakanda Forever!

The numbers are in...

As always... Black people are in first place... (should be, but anyways...)

Black Panther has made over $218 million over the weekend!!! (Last time I checked)

Not only did Black Panther break box office records, it also created a wave that united the people. I am so loving what is going on right now. It is very hard for me to condone negativity towards this powerful moment. It is refreshing to see people showing PRIDE and LOVE for the cultures (Africa is a continent, not a country) that was taken away from slaves that were forced to settle in America. Again, Africa is a continent, not a country. I said, Africa is a continent, not a country. (Shout out to Mike Jones)

One Continent... Many countries, different cultures... Got it?

Due to the fact, I have been entertaining debates on Facebook all weekend long. I have decided to leave the negativity where it's at and showcase the outfits people wore to theaters all over the country. I simply asked my Facebook Family (HEY... Y'all!) to send me photos of their outfits. To be honest, I am impressed and most of all, HONORED! Special thanks to everyone that took out the time to send me photos.

By the way, if you did not make the cut, my apologies. I wanted the series of photos to come together, gracefully. Trust me, it's not YOU... Its me... (I don't have OCD but I strive off organization and cohesiveness)

Again, I am so here for this moment. I believe it is exactly what we need to ELEVATE!

Wakanda Forever!


My schedule was booked, so I was not able to watch Black Panther this weekend. I will be going this week for sure! Please wait on me to see it, before you all reveal what happened! (Do it for the culture and HUSH) Thanks...

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