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Shon At Day by Yik Styles

Happy Tuesday,

I will like to take out the time to acknowledge the creativity of Yik Styles! One of the dopest and unique fashion designers in Dallas! She is beyond hard working and determined! She recruited me to be part of this photoshoot for her new collection, "Shon At Day". I would like to say, this is the dopest photoshoot I have ever been part of in my career.

We traveled for 5 hours to a part of Texas I am not familiar with and I am from Texas. Born and raised... It was a very unique experience I will never forget. Everyone was so friendly and on the same page. The photoshoot was well worth the drive and I am very impressed with the photos. Shout out to the photographer, model, hairstylist and most of all, Yik Styles. Thank you for the opportunity!

Shon At Day by Yik Styles is now available at!

Instagram Handles:

Designer: @yikstyles

Photographer: @wolfbomb

Model: @k.peacock_scorpio

Hairstylist: @hairschmuck

Stylist: @mooreofbree (Yours Truly)

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