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It's the freakin weekend! This one is for all our sneaker aficionados! This Sunday we've got Kicks101! What is Kicks 101 you ask? It's one of the many sneaker shows happening here in Dallas! Here you buy, sale, and trade all your favorite sneakers!

The creator of the event is Frank Louboutin. Frank is a sneakerhead himself and makes sure the event is fun and safe for all the local sneakerheads and hypebeasts. In addition to this fun event, Frank also has a non-profit called Kicks for kids. The non-profit helps disadvantaged kids receive new shoes! Part of the proceeds from this event will help a child in need in the DFW area!

Triple D come through and end your Prairie View versus Grambling weekend by checking out this dope sneaker show!

If want to check Frank out on Instagram go follow him @frank_louboutin. Also if you'd like to keep up with what's going on with kicks for kids follow @kicks_for_kids_dallas.

Written by Roswell

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