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Do it for the Gram?

It looks like people are just buying clothes just to take pictures and then they're returning them. According to a study done by Barclaycard, 1 out of 10 people have admitted to buying clothes to only flex on social media! The research was done in the UK to document the phenomenon.

Barclay's research shows that in the UK people are buying expensive clothing and returning it no later than 72 hours. Many retailers have a "try before you buy" policy and many people are taking advantage of that.

The surprising fact is that the age group that's doing most of the perpetrating on social media are those between the ages of 35-44! These adults make up a shocking 17% of the online purchasing community in UK.

The crazy thing is that men are the highest of this percentage doing the stuntin! According to the study, men are more "socially self conscious" than women.

Surprisingly, men are proven to spend more than women on both clothing and footwear. Men spend the equivalent of $347 per person each year more than women!

Is it really that important to do it for the gram?! How is it that millennials are criticized for being vain when the vanity is being exemplified by those older than them? Do you disagree with the study's revelation about men's spending habits? Let us know how you feel in the comments below.


Written by Roswell

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