The 5th Annual Bree Moore Productions Fashion Show! (Thank YOU)

Special thanks to everyone that participated in the fashion show! Special thanks to EVERYONE that helped with EVERY LITTLE THING! Thanks to:

Bath House Cultural Center Douglas Alford Priscilla Martinez Nae Harris Nicolet Cache' Tiree C. Dean Ezra Matthew Cuff-Myles Michael Jonise Styles Clover Marie Pardetra Braggs Matthew Cuff-Myles Tierra Bri Smalley Elvin Becky The Poet Kesha Newman Steven Glover Jr. Destyni Natasha Hunter Sherteen Vasher (Teenie) Studio Seven 29 Ava Kamaria Willena Shekala Denise Wheatley Breanna Wilson Tint School of Makeup & Cosmetology Jabare Sharda Rambo Trophy Bundles and Couture Sharon Yik Chanira McKinney Carmen Benitez Jhané Ameriise Brittany Susie' Smith Ubong Daniel Rancho Semental (RANCHO SEMENTAL MESQUITE) Curls Tekeen Cocktails Chick Fil A Kind Fae Flora Mae And most of all... Everyone that came out to witness greatness and DONATED to the after school program!

Anything is possible! Apply FAITH and hard work! #blessed

-Bree Moore