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Happy New Year (Check Out the Swag)

Happy New Year Everyone...

Bree Moore Productions is back... As usual, we have alot of things planned for the year. Please stay tune and continue to "READ UP".

I have decided to let my guard down. Unfortunately, I had a horrible experience with allowing someone come to my space. I gave them a position within the company, and lets just say, I was "catfished". I have literally only a few people know what I do, behind the scenes of Bree Moore Productions. I do not share anything regarding the day to day production process. I am now overwhelmed. I believe it is now time to really create opportunities for those like me.

With that being said, the goal in 2019 is to build a team. I have worked with a few people I feel that will be amazing on the Bree Moore Productions' team. If you reading this, please get prepared. I may be contacting you soon. This year, I vow to let my guard down but yet still be selective. We will walk into 2019 with no fear!

Check out the SWAG from a few of our followers on "The Book". I wanted to wish everyone HAPPY NEW YEARS with dope graphics. I was thinking of pulling images from GOOGLE, but then I was like NO! I know a lot of dope people with SWAG! So, I made a facebook post and shout out to those that made the cut. If you didn't make the cut, don't take it personal. The decision was based on your swag, of course, and also the LIGHTING of your photo. Many of you, posted DARK images.

Are you guys excited about 2019?! As of now, I am! HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! Make sure to check out the SWAG below!

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