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Skin of a slave? I'm sorry can you grab my mind, its gone

Yes, you read it correctly the first time. America, aren’t you tired of us, us as humans destroying such a beautiful place with fear, everything that stems from fear (because there’s only two human emotions, fear and love). Last time I checked, designing leather goods from human remains, especially of bodies that are so significant and valued due to Black Americans realizing our worth and strengths (post slavery) was a form of love in this country. Just like the OG Queen of Comedy, Monique, “Make it make sense.” This article has sparked a thought in my mind on how a person could morally check a act like this into the yes pile, and go on about their day. Then it also sparks the debate on using so many other alternatives than HUMAN skin to produce leather goods. The ragers who defend animals rights, to the sustainable guru’s who approves of the act of minimal consumption and cruelty of everyone involved with creating leather goods (factory workers, logistics, work conditions, etc)

As far as we know, these alternatives didn’t make using human skin the next plausible source for oxfords, satchels, and wallets. So, what is the mindset of a person who would literally wear another person you may ask, well, a Nubian planet anonymous writer actually was referred over to a prominent physician who broke it down as to why he’d wear human leather over any other source of leather to this day. The writer said “Is that still African on your feet?” The Physician replied with “I suppose you mean to inquire if I still wear shoes made of the skin of a negro. I certainly do, and I don’t propose changing in that respect until I find a leather that is softer and will last longer and present a better appearance. I have no sentiment about this matter. Were I a Southerner – in the American sense of the word – I might be accused of being actuated by a race prejudice. But I am a foreigner by birth, although now an American citizen by naturalization. I fought in the rebellion that the blacks might be freed. I would use a white man’s skin for the same purpose if it were sufficiently thick, and if any’ one has a desire to wear my epidermis upon his feet after I have drawn my last breath he has my permission.”


“I fought in the rebellion that the black might be freed.” Boom. See this is why I always say, you have to be aware of who’s the real allies out here and who out here perceiving to be good when really they're just facades. This is honestly beyond us as Black people, this doctor is in a headspace we can’t locate or wrap our own heads around. He’d give the next person his blessing to utilize his skin.

-Chassidy Wooten

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