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#ForTheCulture: A Conversation that's NEEDED!

Legendary Underground Rapper, Killer Mike, visited the infamous and controversial "The Breakfast Club" radio show. Killer Mike spoke on Interracial Marriage, Public vs. Private Education, and his new documentary on Netflix. The conversation became intense once education surfaced. DJ Envy disagreed with Mike once he brought up the importance of black children attending public schools, due to the fact, black schools are predominately black. DJ Envy argued that private education have better education and teaches students how to become RICH.

As I listened, I became super excited to hear Killer Mike's passion about the importance of public education. I consistently find myself having arguments about the need of public school in the black community. First of all, you are paying for public schools via TAXES, so why not take advantage of FREE education? We really need to start challenging out districts and those in power. Instead of, taking our children out of their zones, how about attending a district meeting or PTA meeting. I believe if those in power are under the impression that the parents care about the well being and education of their children, they will do better.

We are so quick to put on children in predominately white schools where they have no identity. Yes, predominately white and private schools have better education and resources. Sure... But... Will our children thrive socially???!!! Do these schools teach our children sense of pride or self love? Do they teach true black history? Do they celebrate black history? How many black teachers are there? Are there any representation of black people in power? Do the staff of these schools know how to handle and discipline black children? Can the staff and teachers relate to your black child?

Let's be honest. Education is important.... Knowledge is power... Of course...

What is knowledge to a child with no sense of SELF? Where is the motivation to learn more when there are no great examples? You can only teach so much. At some point, we have to lead by example. Kids pick up what we DO, not what we SAY! We have to SHOW our children black excellence. We have to SHOW them black people in power. We have to SHOW them black culture! If not... they will continue to fall short.

People, sending your children to a predominately white school is not the solution. If you are NOT happy with the school in the "HOOD", please be vocal about your concerns. Just like you will ask for the manager at a restaurant if your food is too cold, keep that same energy for your child's education. If you are not happy with your child's school or teacher, ask for someone within that district with power. Attend district meetings and let your voice be heard. Be active in the school. I believe students with active parents have a better success rate. Before you transfer your kid to another school, please try to make some changes, besides just complain.

We have the power to make a change. Please do not solely depend on any school to teach your child. Your child learns a lot from YOU! You should not put that much power in public or private schools.

Please make sure to "PRESS PLAY" and listen to the interview. DJ ENVY was getting a little salty when Killer Mike start speaking about public schools. It was a great debate. Let's continue the conversation in the comments. How do you guys feel about public/private education?

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