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Stop missing OUT! SHOP the CLOSET SALE!

(Left): Picked up from the Closet Sale; Bold Fashion Junkie for $10

(Left) Picked up from the Closet Sale for $15; Black Orchid

HAPPY February 1st! The beginning of BLACK HISTORY MONTH!

The question of the day is... Why are you still missing out on "The Closet Sales"?

So many of you are not taking advantage of this jewel in our community. Here is an event that allows you to NETWORK, support local small business, sip on MIMOSAS and SHOP without going BROKE!

You can not beat that... It is all fun and I personally, enjoy the Closet Sales. I am not being biased... I just love the sense of community and most importantly, supporting other entrepreneurs.

If you are looking to network and find DOPE shit for the LOW... Oh, and did I mention, drink mimosas? Let's not forget, you also get discounted food from one of the hottest restaurants in DEEP ELLUM.

Come to the CLOSET SALE every 3rd Sunday at Buzz Brews Deep Ellum form 3 to 6pm.

If you will like to participate as a vendor, please visit

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