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Female Rap being a better choice of music for black girls? This is not a genre by the way, but, let’

Hey y’all, I hope you’re having a lovely evening eating watching your favorite show, savoring your last bit of a delicious dinner or up early in the morning just trying to make it, regardless, Happy Black History Month, we don’t stop partying over here, cause we’ So, yea haha. But make to the important matter of this post today. WOMEN, BLACK WOMEN, BLACK WOMEN WHO IDENTIFY WITH THE AFRICAN-AMERICAN aka BLACK CULTURE, specifically I’m talking to you. Why make a matter of distinction between our race, our nationalities, and our ethnicity if we can’t express them, celebrate them, and love the things that makes us, us!

Today while I was in the office, I decided to be bad, and ooo girl, I had recently (and still) have been off of social media heavy, especially twitter, the Mecca of opinions and distortion. But I only deleted the app off my phone, and still of course have access to it via laptop. So, anyways, I follow a very enlightened crowd, and I always stumble upon good reads from other black women all the time, which was a positive, but we all know the black female experience here in America isn’t so pleasant, no matter how many iphones we upgrade to, how many new brunch spots, whatever, you get the point, compulsive consumers.The tweet was suggesting for black women to try a detox from listening to male rappers, and this opinion by Kim Love made me realize how beneficial a cleanse like that could be for us, especially now in these dark times.

Kim then proceeded to say, “Because that's exact what misogynist, anti black women hip hop is. Psychological abuse.No less abusive than minstrel shows & blackface were to black people in the 19th century. Consumption of those images just eat away at your sense of worth & dignity. You eventually internalize, you internalize those words and images and eventually accept your lot in life. And y'all wonder why black women put up with so much and settle for less. We've been groomed for it. Nearly 3 generations of us now counting. Mute that shit & reclaim your power. Now, I don’t know about y’all (but I’d love to hear from you) but I agree. I’m a major music junkie, and yes, if you don’t have the love for yourself, and is misguided and confused in this society, then yes, hip-hop will f*ck you up. Toxic traits such as verbal and psychical abuse, mental manipulation, betrayal, belittlement, the works. All of these things may look small and not to be taken seriously but, this is someone’s reality, even at this very second. I believe toxic masculinity and femininity play hand and hand, and it’s already being monetized so it would be pretty hard to unravel so much destructive habits from the industry as a whole. But, we can take baby steps like these when we feel trapped, feel unloved, tired of hearing b*tch this and guns there, it’s tiring and not healthy, let’s grow together.

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