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For the Culture: Leave...Malia...ALONE...DAMN.

Imagine you’re no longer who you are today, are you with me audience, okay...imagine you were a highly profiled person due to your father being the commander-in-chief of an entire country, a country full of mixed breeds (that’s right, America is literally a melting pot of all kinds of nationalities, ethnicities, and races) who run off of capitalism and caffeine basically, AND now that y’all life has changed drastically due to your father serving his time as President and y’all are only REGULAR human beings (I mean if you had the juice like the Obama’s, it's a different type of regular but nevertheless, regular.) just trying to take it easy, take life day by day. Well, imagine how that promise of a ‘normal life’ meaning you can do whatever the f*ck you wanna do and not be stalked, watched by billions, and privacy isn’t invaded on the DAILY. Yeah, clearly the rules must’ve changed for the Obama’s especially Miss Malia Obama, Michelle and Barack’s oldest daughter and one of the most beautiful girls on this God given planet, and news flash, isn’t problematic AT ALL, not running around causing conflict but rather a Harvard undergrad and out here solving problems. Why is there a drive to drive this young black woman up a wall for just living her best black life. Her privacy isn’t up for grabs to use for click-bait, or wish negativity upon. Malia is 20 years old, a mature adult woman who can make her own decisions, like voting for the next President, purchasing weed legally or illegally, getting into a car wreck on accident or intentionally, buying groceries if she’s hungry, doing homework when it's due or doesn’t matter to us, well it shouldn’t matter to us because ultimately it’s her life and she owns her rights as a regular citizen to be left TF ALONE.

Some people in America are really upset at the fact that this adult woman is serving up some rose wine and enjoying her company in the picture above. Could you imagine, on one of your usual days, relaxing by the pool, a garden, a whatever; you are being bombarded by cameramen and then next thing you know you’re on TMZ. If y’all think a 20 year old having a glass of wine is awful just wait until you hear the other sh*t that’s happening in your backyard like a city in ONE state dealing with environmental racism alongside the greed of corrupted capitalist destroying their water supply and system so this ONE city still TO THIS DAY is suffering for hazardous water. But Malia is the top new story and we should be attentive to that. NO. We have to stop letting media get in our heads and distract us from the hurt, the suffering, and the unethical. This country lives off of two things, love and fear. Right now as of 2019, it’s more hate socially then I’ve seen in my 24 years of living here in America. There’s still a lot of things swept under the rug and the great thing about the idiot that’s in his own world running our country, he’s the one who summoned the rug monster that’s been hiding in plain site and is now out raging (racist, bigots, homophobes, misogyny gang, white supremacist/nationalists, TERRORISTS, the list goes on and I’m tired of typing about hate) So let’s harass them, get them out for the public to see that THIS is what needs attention, because this is more damaging to many people of color everyday, not a bottle of f*cking wine, which in my opinion is the classiest thing to drink starting college, many were drinking cult favorites like MD 2020, Four Loko’s, and cheap vodka. Let’s get it together America.

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