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Black isn’t only celebrated in February, for your information

Black isn’t only celebrated in February, for your information. But for this upcoming 91st Oscar Award Ceremony, in the spirit of our good Sis Issa Rae, ‘We’re rooting for everyone who’s black! This previous year has been an incredible one in black visual arts as far as cinematic. Black Panther had us in all the feels wishing Africa was this untouched safe haven for the original King and Queens of the planet WITHOUT outsider colonizing and destroying. We (the culture) might’ve enjoyed the movie, but, there’s a selective group of critics that might disagree, per usual, on giving respect and credit when it’s due, especially for black art. However, we’re here to celebrate all the black magic that’s been nominated for the Oscars.

Spike Lee

Via google image of Lee and John David Washington

Spike Lee has been in the game and a deep root in the African-American culture way before my time, and he has yet to get the forty acres and mule from the Oscars, BUT this year he’s nominated for ‘Best Director’ for ‘BlackKklansman’ (yea, is it me or do prestigious groups of govern for art (music, film, art, sport) like black oppression no matter if it’s a real situation or fictional, they give that praise all the time but not a simple walk in the park movie about black love...idk weird) Spike is the SIXTH black director to ever be nominated in the 90 years the production has been a thing. (ha, feel the sarcasm people)

Regina King & Barry Jenkins

A round of applause for this woman right HERE. Regina King is nominated for ‘Best Supporting Actress’ for her beautiful work from ‘If Beale Street Could Talk’ Barry Jenkins, mastermind behind the beauty that is Moonlight, is also nominated for ‘Adapted Screenplay’

Black Panther Cast & Crew

Hannah Beachler, a prestigious film production designer for Black Panther, and the first Black Woman and Black Person period to be nominated. This is a major success for the film, which is nominated for a total of 7 Oscar nominations for this year! Also bringing in the biggest news to superhero movies, to be nominated for ‘Best Picture’ ‘Sound Editing’ ‘Sound Mixing’ ‘Original Song’ ‘Costume Design’ ‘Original Score’ and ‘Production Design’

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