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The Potency of the Small Brand

If you build it, then they'll come. I believe the biggest misconception in entrepreneurship is thinking that assistance from major brands is the most important goal to achieve success. We think that in order to "make it" you have to receive a major co-sign. Contrary to this popular lie, I don't think we need big brands. Instead i think they need us.

Now listen, I am in no way saying that you shouldn't work with big brands. By all means, if you can make money by partnering with a big brands, then secure that bag! What I want to talk about is building a relevant and sustainable brand. I believe that by doing so your brand will be successful.

The first example of building your brand to success is Jay-Z. Jay-Z was an up and coming rapper from Brooklyn,New York. He initially had aspirations to get signed to Def Jam Records, but the management at the time didn't feel like he would fit the company. As a result, Roca Fella Records was born. Jay-Z ,and his then partner Damon Dash, would go on to sale millions of records. They made enough revenue and generated enough clout that the entire music industry couldn't ignore them. Fast forward a few years, Jay-Z gets hired as the CEO of Def Jam records! How crazy is that?!

Another example of "building and they'll come" is Issa Rae. Unless you're living under a rock, you know that Issa Rae is the producer, director, and co-writer of her HBO show Insecure. One of her first introductions to the entertainment world was her youtube series, " The Mis-Adventures of an Awkward Black Girl". In all honesty, the production of the youtube series was a little cringe worthy, but it has over 2 million views! As a result of her hard work and commitment to her brand, she now has a critically acclaimed HBO television show!

In addition to smaller brands becoming successful, there have also been bigger brands that have totally flopped. Blockbuster and Toys R Us are a few examples. Toys R Us wouldn't set up a sufficient online market to sell their merchandise, so amazon swooped in and wiped them out. Blockbuster had no way of competing with Netflix's ever growing streaming service. Now there is only one in existence. These big brands didn't adjust to the time quick enough, so they lost their market shares and eventually their business.

Big brands used to flaunt themselves as immovable and constant. Fortunately for creatives and brand builders such as ourselves, this is not always the case. Bigger brand need smaller ones in order to stay relevant and afloat. In conclusion, if you know what you're worth then go out and get what you're worth!

Written by Roswell

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