Why LOCAL recognition is just as important!

The Importance of LOCAL Recognition!

Last year, I had the honor to receive 5 awards in my hometown, Dallas, Texas. I believe all of my efforts was awarded, from costume designing to event production. It was a dream come true to be celebrated by those in my community and supporters. I will forever be grateful for those that took at the time to recognize and most importantly, celebrate my efforts. With that being said...

We should be more appreciative of the LOCAL support and recognition we obtain. My honest opinion, I believe many people are not appreciative of the time and effort it takes to give recognition. Please be more grateful when people take out the time to celebrate your efforts or brand. Event coordinators invest time, energy and money into coordinating amazing award shows. From booking the venue space to reaching out to potential sponsors... Trust me it's a lot...

The benefits of supporting and being grateful of LOCAL Recognition:

Expand your REACH

You now have more people WATCHING you and what YOU DO! Why not take advantage of someone recognizing and celebrating your brand? This is your time to do what you love FOR FREE PROMO!

Brand Recognition

This is an opportunity for people to recognize your brand and separate you from your competitors. There are plenty of people doing exactly what you are doing. Sure, but... Can you be separated from the crowd? Here is your chance for you to do so, take advantage.

More Career Related Opportunities

Local recognition also put you front of people that create opportunities. You now have the chance to meet those that can advance your career or brand. Again, take full advantage! Shake hands and kiss babies at these events.

Bragging Rights

Do you want to BRAG without being told to be HUMBLE? Here is your chance. Add a trophy or certificate to your hard work and BRAG about yourself! Now, you have a group of people that can vouch for your hard work! You are now, not the only one