It's deeper than the CLOUT!

It's Wednesday! Hey yall Hey!

As you all may know, if you keep up with the conversation on social media. You should know, we are now living in the "CANCELLED" era! Recently, GUCCI received backlash for the sweater that looks similar to "BLACK FACE". If you are not aware of "BLACK FACE", click here.

Gucci creative director, Alessandro Michele, stated the sweater was not inspired by "BLACK FACE". Michele wrote that it was inspired by the late Leigh Bowery, a performance artist, club promoter and fashion designer who often used flamboyant face makeup and costumes. To read more about what Michele had to say, click here.

At first glance, I too, thought the sweater was inspired by "BLACK FACE". At this point, I am rarely offended or surprised about the tactics alot of brands pull. I personally believe, black people's RAGE is a cash cow! In my eyes, Gucci received FREE PROMO for a $900 sweater. They may have pulled the sweater, but I bet they received a lot of CLICKS online and private support. It was pretty much a FREE MARKETING CAMPAIGN.

After Mike Brown's death, I vowed to look at the bigger picture. I was highly inspired by Mike Brown's death, unfortunately, I had to witness a lifeless body laying alone on concrete for 4 hours. Unfortunately, it took, witnessing his uncle reaching for his lifeless body. Unfortunately, it took, witnessing Mike Brown's father yell out in pain at the viewing of his son's casket being lowered into the ground.

I learned it is DEEPER THAN THE CLOUT! We scream and holler for a week and then, the rage is GONE. No one is mad anymore or taking a stand. Mike Brown's death was "ENOUGH" for me. I no longer show my RAGE! I show CHANGE in my community!


I don't want to temporarily cancel people that are NOT FOR US. I want ACTION! I want CHANGE! So... before the GUCCI protest... before the CLOUT... I vowed to support BLACK designers and to accumulate power in the fashion industry as a BLACK WOMAN. When an opportunity presents itself, I take it.

#EverythingDallasCampaign x Bree Moore Productions After School Program...

Yesterday, Northside Elementary hosted it's annual Black History Program. My group of girls decided to represent BLACK FASHION DESIGNERS / Clothing Stores in DALLAS! We chose 10 out of many in Dallas.

Shout out to:

Jente Carter

Brandon Denson

Carlos Randle

LaDameone Jackson

Brittany Susie' Smith

Rachelle Rocky Jackson

Chanira McKinney

Rico Blaq

Lynda-kaye Cookie-j

Ikory Inyabri

Why support GUCCI when you can SUPPORT YOUR OWN?!?! Please support BLACK Fashion Designers... Support Blacks in the fashion industry... Do not wait for another brand to use your RAGE to generate revenue! Support NOW and keep supporting! Teach our children to do the same!