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For Nipsey

Today, DJ Khaled released his anticipating album, "Ashad's Father". One track in particular, everyone was waiting for is "Higher" featuring the late great Nipsey Hussle.

“Danced with the devil, and test all FAITH... I was thinking chess moves, but it was GOD’s grace” ~ @nipseyhussle (#Higher), I believe “HIGHER” was brief reflection of his life...

Although, we are all hurting... hurting for his family and friends... I believe Hussle was blessed and even in death, he’s blessed... He created a respectable LEGACY that will live forever... that’s a blessing... I’m happy for you Nipsey! You elevated not only in LIFE but also in DEATH... that’s the ultimate goal right? Also... I’m happy because you was able to succeed in the community that lacked resources and opportunities! You found REAL love in Lauren... 🙏🏾 May you continue to elevate! #TMC

(Thank you DJ Khaled)


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