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A Podcast that is the "Safe Place For The Black Opinion"

"...need a spot where we can kick it A spot where we belong, that's just for us..."

- Tupac Shakur

The Bree Moore Productions PODCAST is the spot where we can unapologetically voice our opinions without the fears of being judged. We know you guys have heard that before, but there's NO LIES being told. We have covered harsh topics that most podcasts are afraid to cover. Our goal is to not only speak about issues that resides in the black community but also provide solutions. There are no complaints being filed without a resolution attached.

The Bree Moore Productions Podcast have covered over 20 unique topics in Season 1 and 2. We have traveled to 3 cities to obtain different perspectives from all walks of life in the black community. Let's be honest, there's LEVELS to this! All black people are not the same and we are not subscribing to the stereotypes.

Season 3 is coming SOON and we are still dedicated to trashing celebrity gossip and focusing on topics that will UPLIFT us. Please click the link below to listen to Seasons 1 and 2. While you are at it, please SUBSCRIBE to the Bree Moore Productions YOUTUBE channel. The podcast episodes and more original content will be now available on our youtube channel.

Listen to the PODCAST here.

Subscribe to the YOUTUBE channel here.

We look forward to elevating with you guys in 2020!

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