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(Go LISTEN NOW) Dr. Umar Johnson speaks about A.D.H.D on the Bree Moore Productions Podcast

Hello Bree Moore Productions Supporters....

Listen Here:

Dr. Umar Johnson stopped by the Bree Moore Productions Podcast to speak about ADHD, The Fredrick Douglass Marcus Garvey Academy, solutions for the educational issues within the black community, the mindset of the black folk.... It was an honor to sit down and converse with Dr Umar. We wanted to tap in more but we only have 30 minutes per episode. Our goal is to sit down with Dr. Umar Johnson on May 2nd at the Martin Luther King Jr Center in South Dallas. He will be here in Dallas for his event, "Black Parent Academic School Rights Conference" to educate black parents about issues and challenges black families face in the educational system.

If you are interested in attending Dr. Umar Johnson's event on May 2nd here in DALLAS, click here:

To listen to the Bree Moore Productions Podcast click here:

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