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You only UNSUBSCRIBE to black owned businesses EMAIL mailing lists... Here's Why...

Hello you guys,

I hope you all had a great weekend. I hope it was enjoyable and prosperous. For a while, I have wanted to get something off my chest. It has been tugging on my soul to witness and experience such foul behavior. I have noticed that people are quick to disregard and unsubscribe to black owned businesses email letters and texts. It is literally just a message to potential customers regarding a product or service. IT IS NOT A BIG DEAL, people! You never know, you may be in need or desire that product or service.

Here are reasons you should be ashamed of YOURSELF:


You are a hater and hate the fact, someone is pursing their dreams. You are bothered because you don't have the courage to do so. So, you project your hate for SELF and the lack of ambition, onto others. The minute you feel an ounce of JEALOUSY, you should redirect that energy to something positive. You should immediately, reply or click on the message. You can support black owned businesses by also clicking on their content, sharing or simply saying, "Thank You".Redirect that energy and allow the universe to bring you good karma.


You simply are afraid to see someone "pass" you up. I do NOT trust black people that want to be the only black person sitting at the table! That is trash... Believe it or not, your mentality is not even beneficial to you! You will not be respected at the table because you believe in NOTHING. You stand in NOTHING. You create respect and most importantly, LEGACY when you help others get to where you are. When you put others on, their journey becomes part of your legacy. You need to UNLEARN and RELEARN the ability to let go of the "crab in the bucket mentality". You are only damaging yourself in the long run.


Many of us are embarking on entrepreneurship. I am beyond happy to see so many of US pursue OWNERSHIP. It is crucial and needed... BUT... Many of us, are so freaking entitled it is ridiculous. Many of you believe, you are the ONLY ONE that is suppose to supply the world with your goods or services. You are CRAZY and entitled AF to think you have the ability to SUPPLY the world. Come on... There are not only Walmarts in the worlds. You have TARGET, KROGER, TOM THUMBS and many other grocery stores that supplies the same services and goods as WALMART! It is called, "INDUSTRY" for a reason. Stop thinking others are copying you. Sheesh... Unify with another entrepreneur in your industry so you guys can be allies. It is very important to BUILD and MAINTAIN relationships in business.

Many of you think you are entitled to support only one business in a specific industry... Chile...


It is rude AF to notify an entrepreneur about unsubscribing to their email or texts. Clearly, there is a BUTTON for you to click so you can unsubscribe. I believe many people are so malicious they purposely go out their way to hurt someone else. I have had people to reach out to me , simply to tell me, they were unsubscribing. You can literally CLICK A BUTTON to do so. Why take out time to notify me?

Remember, one day you are going to be in need of the support you lack to show others. You are either going to need people to support you on a new journey and that ranges in different things. Either you need to create a "Go Fund Me" for unexpected reasons. Either way, you are going to need the support, so while you can, please SUPPORT local and black owned businesses. It doesn't always have to be monetary.

If you do decide to OPT out of receiving emails or text messages, please go peacefully and quietly.

Y'all literally receive EMAILS and texts from the corporate businesses all day and every day... but stay subscribed... but Chile...

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